Mixing Your Best Pieces With Your Thrift Pieces: Putting Your Career Foot Forward

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As many of us are transitioning into our careers, it is important to look our best and dress the part. My favorite aspect about throwing a work outfit together is combining higher end clothing with chic thrift store purchases.

The trick is to focus on the piece of the outfit you want noticed the most and then compliment the rest with your thrifts. Here are tips to watch for during this winter wonderland season. ❄


What’s better than velvet? Absolutely nothing. It’s comfortable, feels incredibly soft and is appealing to the eye. It’s one of those items people just have to ask about.  To add bling, find sparkly buttons to sew on yourself.


I found this Dress Barn blouse at Marylyns Resale Therapy for $8. What a winter steal!

But I swear, it’s worth it

Pair your favorite chic, trendy and quality denim with a thrift blouse. Right now denim coated jeans are the hottest item but come at not so affordable price tag. It’s worth the splurge if you wear them often. My go to pair are Articles of Society. You can find them at Buckle, Nordstrom and Articles of Society.  Add a studded black clutch to rock an edgier look.


A pair of Articles of Society purchased from Nordstrom. Here is a similar pair for $79.

It’s all about the bootie

Ask any fashion blogger, the best part about winter shoes is the bootie. You can find booties that are flat, mid-heal or a wedge. The options are endless. Most upscale thrift shops have several choices.


I snagged these Mossimo Supply Co booties from The Pink Poodle for only $10. This store is full of name brand accessories.

Golden Goddess

Rose gold is a hot commodity this season. Trendy stores including Forever21, H&M and Charming Charlie have look-a-like rose gold jewelry. Sometimes you can find even better options at consignment shops.


I found these vintage, rose gold clip on earrings from Carousel Consignments for a $6 bargain! Slip on a Kate Spade bangle or the options above and you will shine.

What’s next? Don’t Drop the Ball: NYE Dressed Head to Toe


Dressing the Part– Three Styles Every Girl Needs To Try


Let’s face it, winter is almost near and it’s here to stay. There’s absolutely no better way to start this chilly season than to stay up-to-date with trendy, sporty and casual looks. Whether you’re hitting your favorite sports team’s game or painting the city for the night, I have three looks you must try. Jump out of your comfort zone, and let’s get this season started.

The Rocker-Chic

Leather, and lots of it. The reason why I love fall? Three words: all black everything.  Try to scope out local resale shops for jackets. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and find boots or studded accessories. Style icons to follow are Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen. The fashion forward twin sisters add just right amount of black to their outfits.

I found this Bergner’s leather jacket at Main Street Resale Shop. It was well worth the $20 considering this similar Bergner’s jacket is $67. Add a mod top, leather skirt and rocker boots to complete the look.



Sporting your trendiest outfit to the football game isn’t always first on the priority list but don’t let that stop you from looking your best. Thrift stores have an abundance of your states’ favorite sports team attire. Items that look ancient are the ones to throw in your cart.

I found this throwback Green Bay Packers sweater at Goodwill for $5 and fanny pack for $2. Check out the kid’s section, that’s where I struck lucky. It’s similar to this $65 GBP holiday sweater. Complete with a wedged shoe and work your way into the stadium.


Casual & cozy

For those cold fall days, throw on your favorite cozy cardigan and slip into a pair of jeans. The goal is to be comfortable yet lust in layers at the same time. Timeless fall staples include floor length cardigans, long sleeved t-shirts and light, washed out jeans.

I purchased a Forever21 cardigan, bongo jeans at Goodwill for $5, and Nine West metallic flats from TJ Maxx for $5. Add a colorful scarf and explore.


Are you ready to head to the Hampton’s of Wisconsin? Stay tuned in for my next post, Door County Takeover.

Know How To Thrift November, Five Favorite Thrift Store Secrets


A question I’m often asked is, “How do you find the best pieces at thrift stores?” There’s no magical formula, but I will say through my experiences, bargaining and confidence goes a long way. Today I will share my thrift store secrets in hopes that these tips will help you too.  Sit back, take notes and start thinking about your upcoming holiday purchases.

Price tags are not always final

Before committing to an item, always ask if the price is firm. Typically, most sellers will allow up to a 20 percent deduction off an item.

At Folklore, I purchased this night stand originally $35 for just under $25. It’s handmade and vintage with a wood-chipping finish. I also found a unique wine bottle dressed with a bohemian lampshade for 20 percent less than the price tag. Score!


Location, location, location

Simply put, if you’re looking for modern, up scale pieces, usually the nicer parts of town are where you’ll find them. Want the inside scoop? Door County has plenty of thrift stores. Sturgeon Bay’s Third Avenue and Jefferson Street have by far the best shops in the area.

I purchased this stand and mirror at Honeypicker for $22. The inventory is truly spectacular. You can find several decor styles from vintage-chic to modern-eclectic.


Become a regular

Frequently visiting a thrift store increases your chances of finding what you’re looking for and at the right price. Tip– bring in your own items to sell.

Discount days

Every time I visit a new thrift store I ask if they offer daily deals or student discounts. To my surprise, most stores do… ah, savings! Goodwill even offers color tag discounts. Befriending an employee can be the in to learning about deals.


‘Tis the season

Shopping seasonally is rewarding when looking for new clothes. The best times are toward the end of the year and spring. I suggest stopping in once or twice a week.

My long and cozy sweaters from Maryln’s Resale Therapy. The inventory includes dozens of sweaters, jackets and boots at reasonable prices.


Thrifting for clothes? My next post, Dressing the Part, dishes all the details!

Happy Halloween, Y’all!


It’s that time of the year to get your creativity flowing and to accomplish throwing together a clever costume in a pinch. Luckily, if you know your thrift store options you can find the essentials for any costume. Take a look at my shopping adventures and what I created for $31 or less.

The costume

Mermaids, bandanas and a baby… what do these have in common? Jessie James Decker– my favorite country star, football wife and southern belle. I couldn’t wait to show Jessie’s fans how to get the look.


I checked out Jessie’s style and interests to incorporate in my outfit by looking at her Instagram. Common things I found were her:

  • love of mermaids and Eric
  • baby Vivianne
  • plaid shirts, boots and bandanas


I pulled from my closet first then headed to my favorite spots.

Marylyn’s Resale Therapy

Last year I was able to purchase a pair of cowboy boots for $12. They were in mint condition and a steal. These would work perfect and keep my feet warm. FullSizeRender

Plato’s Closet

“Plato’s” is reasonably priced, trendy and has hundreds of locations. I purchased a pair of Forever21 cut off shorts for $5, considerably less than the retail price of these Forever21 shorts.


Dollar Tree

So what if it’s not a thrift store! I was able to find a red bandana for $1. This shouts Jessie’s style and is her signature look. I also picked out pacifiers to wear.


My Closet

I wore a Forever21 plaid shirt I already had, but many thrift stores have a selection. Recently, I have seen quite a few at Goodwill and Plato’s Closet.



I couldn’t find anything mermaid, so I used the rest of my budget on a $8.99 kids t-shirt. There were plenty of options, and hey, the XL fit!


I completed the look with a Teddy bear on my hip and a football in hand. Polish the look with curled hair and add your Eric Decker and you will be mistaken all night for the gorgeous couple!


Stay tuned in for my upcoming posts, Know How To Thrift November and Door County Take Over. 

Fall Fashion For Frugal Thrifters



It’s not just a four letter word, it’s an entire season. A season full of fashion; a season to step out in style. Of course that means spending a fortune, right?

Not exactly. First, purchase your favorite magazine and start sifting through the styles you like best, then hit up the local thrift shops in your area. You’ll be surprised what you’ll stumble across.

Where to start…

Personally, I like to start downtown where there’s plenty of options. Sometimes you can find a gem in the ruff. Like, Marylyn’s Resale Therapy in Oshkosh, WI. It’s upscale, and affordable with negotiable prices.

The jacket.


There, I was able to find a fitted Tahari black blazer for $10. A great deal considering this one will cost you $398 by the same designer. A tip for the new thrifter: ask if they are willing to come down. In my experiences, the seller will come down 20 percent.

The shoe.


This fall it’s all about the “booties,” AKA the statement piece, but that doesn’t mean they have to cost a fortune. I found these Steve Madden booties at the same store for $8. Advice on buying booties– always try to go one size up incase you need to wear a thick pair of socks on a brisk night.

The handbag.


The next stop is to find a bag that is comfortable to walk around town with and functions as a work bag. Not too big, not too small. This cream colored, leather Hunt Club satchel bag screams sophisticated, yet trendy. It’s worth the $18 price tag, especially knowing it’s acceptable to wear in a professional setting, or a night out on the town. This purchase was made at Frugal Fashion, also located in downtown Oshkosh.

The outfit.

unnamed unnamed

To complete the look is a lime-green silk top purchased at the local Goodwill for $4 and a pair of Bongo jeans for $5. Paired with dangled earrings and a bracelet, this fall fashion look is complete for $45.

Now it’s your turn. Go out there and share your fall fashion finds with frugal thifters!

Coming soon: Creating a Halloween costume for $31 or less.

And it was called “Yellow.”

Three years ago, my mom found a wooden stand with drawers at a local rummage sale. A crafting lesson she instilled in me was if a rummage sale was near, and I had a steady hand on the paint, I could recreate something spectacular. I was moving into my first college home and thought it would function perfectly as a nightstand.

What Did I Do?

First I picked out the color, Sunflower Yellow, at the Home Depot. I sanded it down before putting two coats of paint on it then let it dry. Next, I bought four colored knobs from Hobby Lobby to replace the old ones.

To remove the old knobs, I used a hand screwdriver so that the holes wouldn’t stretch. Lastly, I tightened the knobs and placed it in my bedroom.  It fits perfectly in my shabby-chic room, and all for under $25!

Before & After

Before & Afterunnamed