Are you ready to discover the art of thrifting?

I believe that there’s no better way to get your creativity intact than owning your personal style through thrift shopping.

The mission is to find the beauty in pieces that you can find on Saks Avenue but at an expense you can afford. I like to say, this is where the creativity and inspiration begins.

My name is Ashley and I am an aspiring young journalist who has a passion for finding thrifts and writing about my final products. My blog is not here to teach thrifting but moreover to have the eye and find thrift stores that appeal to my readers.

Whether you’re on a tight budget or want to express a style that essences you, honing your personal style is the best first impression.

As a child growing up with an electic, yet bohmenian style, a lot of my inspiration can be coined “gypsy-like.” I also like to incorporate have modern twist, country chic and rustic elements to my style of living and dressing.

It is my goal to help you achieve your thrifting goals and find passion in your style. This blog is for women who want to jump start their creative intuitions and start thrifting.

Let’s thrift & thrive!




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