Know How To Thrift November, Five Favorite Thrift Store Secrets


A question I’m often asked is, “How do you find the best pieces at thrift stores?” There’s no magical formula, but I will say through my experiences, bargaining and confidence goes a long way. Today I will share my thrift store secrets in hopes that these tips will help you too.  Sit back, take notes and start thinking about your upcoming holiday purchases.

Price tags are not always final

Before committing to an item, always ask if the price is firm. Typically, most sellers will allow up to a 20 percent deduction off an item.

At Folklore, I purchased this night stand originally $35 for just under $25. It’s handmade and vintage with a wood-chipping finish. I also found a unique wine bottle dressed with a bohemian lampshade for 20 percent less than the price tag. Score!


Location, location, location

Simply put, if you’re looking for modern, up scale pieces, usually the nicer parts of town are where you’ll find them. Want the inside scoop? Door County has plenty of thrift stores. Sturgeon Bay’s Third Avenue and Jefferson Street have by far the best shops in the area.

I purchased this stand and mirror at Honeypicker for $22. The inventory is truly spectacular. You can find several decor styles from vintage-chic to modern-eclectic.


Become a regular

Frequently visiting a thrift store increases your chances of finding what you’re looking for and at the right price. Tip– bring in your own items to sell.

Discount days

Every time I visit a new thrift store I ask if they offer daily deals or student discounts. To my surprise, most stores do… ah, savings! Goodwill even offers color tag discounts. Befriending an employee can be the in to learning about deals.


‘Tis the season

Shopping seasonally is rewarding when looking for new clothes. The best times are toward the end of the year and spring. I suggest stopping in once or twice a week.

My long and cozy sweaters from Maryln’s Resale Therapy. The inventory includes dozens of sweaters, jackets and boots at reasonable prices.


Thrifting for clothes? My next post, Dressing the Part, dishes all the details!


One thought on “Know How To Thrift November, Five Favorite Thrift Store Secrets

  1. Love this post, Ashley! I always get nervous and stressed out going into a thrift store. I’m excited to try out these tips and hopefully find some good stuff! Thanks for the advice. 🙂


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