Happy Halloween, Y’all!


It’s that time of the year to get your creativity flowing and to accomplish throwing together a clever costume in a pinch. Luckily, if you know your thrift store options you can find the essentials for any costume. Take a look at my shopping adventures and what I created for $31 or less.

The costume

Mermaids, bandanas and a baby… what do these have in common? Jessie James Decker– my favorite country star, football wife and southern belle. I couldn’t wait to show Jessie’s fans how to get the look.


I checked out Jessie’s style and interests to incorporate in my outfit by looking at her Instagram. Common things I found were her:

  • love of mermaids and Eric
  • baby Vivianne
  • plaid shirts, boots and bandanas


I pulled from my closet first then headed to my favorite spots.

Marylyn’s Resale Therapy

Last year I was able to purchase a pair of cowboy boots for $12. They were in mint condition and a steal. These would work perfect and keep my feet warm. FullSizeRender

Plato’s Closet

“Plato’s” is reasonably priced, trendy and has hundreds of locations. I purchased a pair of Forever21 cut off shorts for $5, considerably less than the retail price of these Forever21 shorts.


Dollar Tree

So what if it’s not a thrift store! I was able to find a red bandana for $1. This shouts Jessie’s style and is her signature look. I also picked out pacifiers to wear.


My Closet

I wore a Forever21 plaid shirt I already had, but many thrift stores have a selection. Recently, I have seen quite a few at Goodwill and Plato’s Closet.



I couldn’t find anything mermaid, so I used the rest of my budget on a $8.99 kids t-shirt. There were plenty of options, and hey, the XL fit!


I completed the look with a Teddy bear on my hip and a football in hand. Polish the look with curled hair and add your Eric Decker and you will be mistaken all night for the gorgeous couple!


Stay tuned in for my upcoming posts, Know How To Thrift November and Door County Take Over. 


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