Fall Fashion For Frugal Thrifters



It’s not just a four letter word, it’s an entire season. A season full of fashion; a season to step out in style. Of course that means spending a fortune, right?

Not exactly. First, purchase your favorite magazine and start sifting through the styles you like best, then hit up the local thrift shops in your area. You’ll be surprised what you’ll stumble across.

Where to start…

Personally, I like to start downtown where there’s plenty of options. Sometimes you can find a gem in the ruff. Like, Marylyn’s Resale Therapy in Oshkosh, WI. It’s upscale, and affordable with negotiable prices.

The jacket.


There, I was able to find a fitted Tahari black blazer for $10. A great deal considering this one will cost you $398 by the same designer. A tip for the new thrifter: ask if they are willing to come down. In my experiences, the seller will come down 20 percent.

The shoe.


This fall it’s all about the “booties,” AKA the statement piece, but that doesn’t mean they have to cost a fortune. I found these Steve Madden booties at the same store for $8. Advice on buying booties– always try to go one size up incase you need to wear a thick pair of socks on a brisk night.

The handbag.


The next stop is to find a bag that is comfortable to walk around town with and functions as a work bag. Not too big, not too small. This cream colored, leather Hunt Club satchel bag screams sophisticated, yet trendy. It’s worth the $18 price tag, especially knowing it’s acceptable to wear in a professional setting, or a night out on the town. This purchase was made at Frugal Fashion, also located in downtown Oshkosh.

The outfit.

unnamed unnamed

To complete the look is a lime-green silk top purchased at the local Goodwill for $4 and a pair of Bongo jeans for $5. Paired with dangled earrings and a bracelet, this fall fashion look is complete for $45.

Now it’s your turn. Go out there and share your fall fashion finds with frugal thifters!

Coming soon: Creating a Halloween costume for $31 or less.


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